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There's a unique thrill that comes with driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Now, Mercedes-Benz has taken this iconic vehicle to the next level by introducing an all-new full electric G-Class with a groundbreaking feature: the astonishing 'Tank Turn' capability.

Check out this TikTok by @carexpertau:

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One of the most jaw-dropping features of the all-new electric G-Class is its 'Tank Turn' capability. This innovative technology allows the vehicle to rotate on the spot, just like a tank.

This enables precise maneuvering in tight spaces or challenging off-road situations. With the touch of a button, the electric Mercedes G-Class can perform a 360-degree turn, showcasing its remarkable agility and versatility.

So, how does the 'Tank Turn' work? The electric G-Class utilizes its individual electric motors, which can independently control each wheel's power output. By applying varying levels of power to the wheels on one side and in the opposite direction on the other side, the vehicle can rotate around its axis, executing a seamless and precise turn. 

This unique capability is not only impressive but also highly practical, especially in situations where maneuverability is essential, such as navigating narrow trails or tight parking spaces.

The internet was highly impressed by this feature and had a lot to say. 

User @Joe.mpofu replied, "Imagine chilling in traffic lights and someone turns their car around." And then @MIO thinks that, "Police chases gona go crazy."

Then another user pointed out that, "when you are stuck in traffic that's a pretty sick move to turn around."

What do you think of this new electric G-Wagon?

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